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Your cause is worthy. Your work is transformational. You should be attracting more attention, bringing in more supporters, and raising more money. So, why aren’t you?  At Leading Good, we partner with nonprofits—large and small—to answer that question and discover the keys to finally breaking through.

“We finally got the insight and guidance
we’ve needed for years!”

Doug Dworak, Executive Director – Love Justice International

3 ways to get the marketing help you need


Livestream the Marketing Workshop

Join us for a livestream event focused on helping you transform your marketing. 


Understand exactly what you should be doing to grow your nonprofit.


Get insights and learn best practices, directly from the experts.


Stop feeling frustrated, and start hitting your fundraising goals.

Emmett Findley,
God’s Love We Deliver

“We are THRILLED that we well exceeded our goal. We raised over 60% more than last year. Thank you!”

Waverly Ann Harris,
Friends Life

“The results were immediate. Our annual campaign brought in 72% more donations than last year!”



I’ve spent most of my career working in and with nonprofits, and I understand how it feels to be responsible for raising funds. As COO of charity: water, I helped lead the young organization through a period of tremendous growth. Now I help other nonprofits grow by applying principles and strategies that are proven to work.