Confusion is costing you.

Too many nonprofits waste money on marketing.

They overcomplicate their messaging and confuse potential donors. 
This confusion costs them donations and, ultimately, limits their impact. 

There's a more effective way to raise money.

A proven framework can help you clarify your message and draw donors to your cause.



We'll help you craft a clear, simple message that will serve as the foundation for all your marketing efforts. 



We'll implement your clarified message and sharpen your website, email blasts and all other communications. 



When people hear your message, they'll instantly understand who you are and how their donation can make a difference.

We are THRILLED that we well exceeded our goal. We raised over 60% more than last year. Thank you!
— Emmett Findley, God's Love We Deliver
The results were immediate. Our annual campaign brought in 72% more donations than last year!
— Waverly Ann Harris, Friends Life

Get a simple marketing plan that works.

Here's what to do...


1 - Schedule a Call

We'll discuss your organization, your challenges and recommend next steps.


2 - Clarify Your Message

We'll walk you through a 7-part framework to develop a clear message.


 3 - Raise More Money

Clarity eliminates confusion. More clarity equals more donations.

What makes Leading Good different?

As a nonprofit leader, you’ve got big dreams. Your mission is important to you. You work hard. You’ve got passion and determination to see your cause succeed. We believe that you’re trying to make the world a better place.

But let’s be honest, it also takes money to help those you’re trying to help.
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How much money are you trying to raise this year? How much money would it take to double your impact? If you could acquire one more large donor, would that make a big difference? And what’s the right strategy to make all that happen?

You’ve probably tried lots of different things to raise more money. And maybe you even feel frustrated and exhausted because people just aren’t responding the way you want them to.

We understand what that feels like because we spent a large portion of our career working inside nonprofits. We’ve sat on your side of the desk and felt that same weight of responsibility to raise money. And we, too, used to try lots of different things.

But, what if we told you that most nonprofits don’t take advantage of the single most proven strategy that would help them raise more money? What if we told you that you don’t need complicated marketing strategies to meet your fundraising goals?

Over the past 25 years we’ve worked with many successful nonprofits. And we’ve interviewed and evaluated hundreds. And what we learned is this:

The single most important factor for successful fundraising is a nonprofit's ability to articulate a clear, compelling message – and to implement it consistently across all its communications.

It’s true.

We've seen it happen. When nonprofits take the time to craft a clear, compelling message and use that message everywhere, it makes a difference in their fundraising.

Recently one of our clients called us, excited to share some good news. After we simplified their messaging and implemented it in their annual fundraising campaign, donations were up. And they weren’t just up a little bit - donations had increased over 70% compared to last year’s campaign! As you can imagine, this gave them hard proof that clear messaging works for fundraising. Now they have confidence that their fundraising efforts are on the right track.

If you’re having trouble raising money, we can help. Together we can simplify your message and help you implement it effectively so you can raise more money for your cause.

We believe the good you’re doing needs to keep happening. In fact, we want the good you’re doing to grow.

So get out your calendar and contact us to schedule your Marketing Strategy Session. Stop throwing away money on the wrong strategy. Your nonprofit deserves a strategy that’s been proven to work.

3 ways Leading Good can help

Whether you need to streamline your fundraising, launch a monthly giving program or plan an annual campaign, we're here to guide you to success.

Strategy Session

A one-day session will
transform your fundraising.

Develop your messaging framework

Wireframe your website

Review your marketing collateral

Craft a compelling one-liner

Outline your strategic fundraising roadmap

Marketing Execution

Your clarified message does
no good unless you use it. 
We can help with that too!


Email campaigns

Lead generators

Facebook ads


Ongoing Coaching

Imagine if we never had to
say goodbye...

1-on-1 calls

Ongoing marketing and fundraising guidance

Refine your keynote presentation

Craft your major donor pitch

and more...

Rod Arnold
Michelle Arnold

Rod Arnold  
strategy & marketing Lead, Co-Founder

I’ve spent most of my career working in and with nonprofits, and I understand how it feels to be responsible for raising funds. As COO of charity: water, I helped lead the young organization through a period of tremendous growth. Now I help other nonprofits grow by applying principles and strategies that are proven to work.

Michelle Mosely Arnold  
Messaging & Creative Lead, Co-Founder

As a StoryBrand Certified Guide and Copywriter, I’m trained and certified in a 7-step framework that thousands of businesses are using to clarify their message and win more business. I have applied this same framework to nonprofits. The result? They fundraise with confidence and raise the money their cause deserves.