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Episode 30

Rod Arnold hosts Annie Lascoe. Annie is Co-Founder of Conscious Period, a new organic tampon company with social enterprise model that provides period products to women living in homelessness in the USA.


Episode 29

In this episode, Rod Arnold hosts Tamra Ryan. Tamra is CEO of Women’s Bean Project, a nationally-recognized social enterprise based in Denver, CO that provides transitional employment to women attempting to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty.


Episode 28

In this episode, Rod Arnold hosts a live interview at SEA Summit 17 in Los Angeles with CEO and Co-Founder of Solstice, Steph Speirs. Solstice is a social enterprise that expands community solar to the 80% of Americans who are locked out of the rooftop solar market. This interview is part of a partnership and interview series with Social Enterprise Alliance.


Episode 27

Rod interviews Philips McCarty, Founder & Principal of The Good Scout Group, a social good consultancy that helps brands take smart, impactful and sustainable leaps in how they do greater good. Rod and Phil have an insightful conversation that covers a lot of interesting ground, including cause marketing, corporate/nonprofit alliances, entertainment and celebrity engagement, nonprofit branding, and more.


Episode 26

This week on the Leading Good podcast, Rod speaks with Kila Englebrook, the President and CEO of Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA). SEA is the national membership organization and key catalyst for the rapidly growing social enterprise movement in the United States. Kila and Rod discuss what that exciting movement looks like, what social enterprise actually means, and about the power of networking and community in this type of work.


Episode 25

Hugh interviews the Director of The Boys Institute, Marshall Pollard, this week. The Boys Institute is an inspiring academy for young African American men with a mission to develop them to be committed to lives characterized by hope, self-discipline, integrity and love; in the pursuit of justice and equity for themselves, their community, and greater DC.


Episode 24

This week on the podcast we are doing things a little differently! We are taking a break from our regular format because we want to hear from you, our listeners! Check it out to hear what we're looking for and how you can contribute.


Episode 23

Emily Parris Sandler is the Director of Digital Philanthropy at City of Hope, a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases. Rod speaks with Emily in the podcast about her role at City of Hope and her thoughts on digital fundraising and engaging younger audiences.


Episode 22

In this special episode of the podcast, Rod sits down with Leading Good's own, Hugh Weber, to discuss his insights on what it takes to build a community that not only grows, but thrives with possibility.


Episode 21

Rod speaks with Karen Cahn, an entrepreneur and pioneer in the digital media space. With extensive experience at AOL, Google, and YouTube, Karen is the founder and CEO of iFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform for women-led businesses and their creative ideas.


Episode 20

Buddy Teaster is the CEO of Soles4Souls, a nonprofit social enterprise and the largest provider of free shoes to children in need around the world. On this podcast episode, Rod Arnold speaks with Buddy about leadership, transparency, governance, and more.


Episode 19

Cristin O’Leary Jones is the Development Director of Camp Kesem, a nationwide community, driven by passionate college leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. Rod speaks with Cristin about all things fundraising, Giving Tuesday, leadership, and more.


Episode 18

As a recognized leader in corporate philanthropy, Suzanne DiBianca, Executive Vice President of Corporate Relations and Chief Philanthropy Officer of Salesforce, has unique and tactical insight for how nonprofits and for-profits can come together in more powerful ways, as well as how nonprofits can seek strategic partnerships with corporations.


Episode 17

Rod was able to speak with Jake Wood and Matt Scott from Team Rubicon about how they have scaled their organization. Listen to the podcast to learn more about how their commitment to a strong communication strategy, authentic storytelling, and connection to their donors resulted in rapid growth.


Episode 16

Lindsay Kolsch serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the international movement and non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms. As CFO, she wears many hats including managing donor development and fundraising. Rod got to speak with her recently at the Classy Collaborative in Boston and their entire conversation is available on the newest podcast episode.


Episode 15

This week's podcast includes the backstory of Leading Good co-creator Rod Arnold. Rod and Hugh discuss marketing and communications in the social impact sector and why there is a large chasm in digital technologies between the nonprofit and for-profit worlds. Rod also shares insight on the important elements to build a movement.


Episode 14

Rich Stearns left his role as CEO of a major company to become President of one of the largest global nonprofits, World Vision. On the podcast, he and Rod talk about what that transition looked like, as well as many of the challenges that his organization faces. They also discuss the importance of clarifying mission and personalizing messaging within an organization.


Episode 13

Justin Dillon is an artist, musician, and filmmaker turned social entrepreneur and world changer. He is the founder and CEO of Made In a Free World and Slavery Footprint. He just released a new book called A Selfish Plan to Change the World. Rod and Justin’s conversation is full of themes of creativity, connection, and innovation.


Episode 12

Becca Stevens is an author, speaker, priest, social entrepreneur, and founder and president of Thistle Farms, a nonprofit social enterprise. She is passionate about the healing power of love and community. On this episode of the podcast, she and Rod discuss how community applies to her work at Thistle Farms, and how it should apply to all work in the social impact space.


Episode 11

Jeremy Cowart is a celebrity photographer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. He is also in the process of starting The Purpose Hotel, a for-profit hotel that supports and connects as many nonprofits as possible. Jeremy and Rod speak at length about social entrepreneurship as well as art and creativity in the social impact space on the newest episode of the Leading Good podcast.


Episode 10

Episode 10 features Toby Daniels, CEO and founder of Crowdcentric Media and co-founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week. His mission is to give professionals at the intersection of media, marketing, and technology the insights, ideas, and opportunities to advance themselves and their organizations in a globally-connected world.


Episode 09

Episode 9 features Sabrina Dupré, the Global Head of Brand Strategy, Marketing, and Communications at Acumen. In the interview, Rod and Sabrina discuss at length her challenge of explaining a high-level, complex organization at a simple brand messaging level.


Episode 08

Episode 8 features Cindy Gallop who left her successful career in advertising to create two innovative and transformative startups. Unafraid of what people think, she disrupts business and social good with her work in a way that is uniquely innovative.


Episode 07

Episode 7 features Charles Best, public school teacher turned founder and CEO of Listen to powerful insight on what it takes to be an effective leader of a growing organization, factors that drive exponential growth, and the importance of data.


Episode 06

Episode 6 features Jenna Arnold, co-founder of ORGANIZE and founder of Press Play Productions. She is a social entrepreneur and problem-solver focused on engaging people around big social issues.


Episode 05

Episode 5 features Afdhel Aziz, founder of Consultancy of Love and author of Good Is the New Cool. Listen as he talks about the book and how his story and experiences led him to its content.


Episode 04

Episode 4 features Susan McPherson, founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies. Listen to the entire interview for her insight and advice on how to leverage the power of influencer marketing for your organization.


Episode 03

Adam Garone is the co-founder and Chief Mo Bro of the Movember Foundation. His conversation with Rod at the Classy Collaborative includes valuable insight about how to build a movement. Listen to the whole discussion on Episode 3 of the Leading Good podcast.


Episode 02

Episode 2 features Shaifali Puri, open-source innovation expert and former Executive Director of Global Innovation at Nike. Listen as she shares some themes across her experiences that have led to her success: innovation and the ability to strategically think about the big picture.


Episode 01

With each new episode of the Leading Good podcast, Rod and Hugh will offer their thoughts on some of the key takeaways from the conversation. Episode 1 features Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of charity: water.


Episode 00

Leading Good is a joint endeavor committed to extending and deepening our work to reach as many leaders in social enterprise as possible. Leading Good seeks to both inspire leaders and equip them with strategic and practical insights specific for leaders of Good.


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