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Leading Good with The Boys Institute

Posted by The Leading Good Team | Aug 22, 2017 11:31:42 AM

This week on the podcast, Hugh talks with Marshall Pollard, the Director of The Boys Institute, about who they are, what they do, and why they do it. Officially launched in July of 2016, The Boys Institute is "creating the model for a liberating childhood for boys of color" and we are incredibly inspired by their work. Check it out.

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The Boys Institute was "born from conversations on front porches in SE DC, and in the classrooms of DC Scholars Stanton Elementary School.  These conversations were informed by generations experiencing the power and persecution of their young black boys," according to their website,  


The Boys Institute is an academy that focuses on three pillars; identity, investment, and incubation. Their mission is to develop young men in hope, self-discipline, integrity, and love, leading to personal, academic, and communal well being. They accomplish this by surrounding these young boys with a conscious network of leaders, who co-create experiences with them to ensure their childhood is liberating. 

Marshall emphasized the power of doing good and creating change with people, rather than for them or to them. 

"When we think about leading good, how do we lead good—for people, to people, or with people?... If we’re doing things with people instead of to or for them, that’s when I think good can happen because now it’s shared good. My good is shared good because I know you by name and what we want was informed by each other’s opinions and desires.”

The Boys Institute is passionate about presenting current issues to these young boys as opportunities they can help solve, training these boys how to respond to opportunities to lead in today's world. They are committed to helping their boys be seen and their voices be heard.

“When you create that space where life can be done across lines of difference, you start to re-write the narrative. You start to re-write what is true," Marshall tells Hugh.  Check out the podcast to be inspired to engage, to connect, and to initiate change on a personal level, as well as to learn from how The Boys Institute came into being from front porch conversations and what the future holds!  



With each new episode of the Leading Good podcast, Rod and Hugh will offer their thoughts on some of the key takeaways from the conversation. Episode 25 features Marshall Pollard, Director of The Boys Institute.

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Written by The Leading Good Team

Rod Arnold is CEO of The Frontier Agency. You can learn more about Rod and his work at RodArnold.com. Hugh Weber is CEO of The Institute of Possibility and curator of The Potluck Society. You can learn more about Hugh and his work at HughWeber.com.

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