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Leading Good and Social Enterprise Alliance

Posted by The Leading Good Team | Aug 29, 2017 9:34:37 AM

This week on the Leading Good podcast, Rod speaks with Kila Englebrook, the President and CEO of Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA). SEA is the national membership organization and key catalyst for the rapidly growing social enterprise movement in the United States. Kila and Rod discuss what that exciting movement looks like, what social enterprise actually means, and about the power of networking and community in this type of work.

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We introduce the Leading Good podcast every week as the podcast for nonprofit and social enterprise leaders. But how many people really know what a social enterprise is? How would you define a social enterprise? There is no one better to discuss this with than the CEO of Social Enterprise Alliance, who works to provide social enterprise with the resources they need, support and grow social entrepreneurship on a national scale, and serve as a voice for more sustainable social impact.


Image Credit: Social Enterprise Alliance 

Kila is not new to this space and this type of work. Prior to her time at SEA, Kila led the Ashoka Support Network in the United States. She worked to connect world-class business leaders with Ashoka staff and Fellows to create greater impact. She shares in the podcast how her passion and desire to work in this space has developed over time and through her experiences. 

She discusses how in her studies "I had the sense of people should should be provided opportunity and empowered to create change themselves and given those skills and given that knowledge. And I felt very committed to that idea that I needed to find an organization that was about empowering people to create their own futures and create their own change. And that it wouldn’t be looking for solutions from the outside and just these kind of Band-Aid approaches.... but rather changing systems, changing models."


Working for Ashoka, and now SEA, has been the perfect place for Kila to engage in this type of changemaking. Kila understands, firsthand, many of the challenges that social enterprise leaders face. Social enterprise is a rapidly evolving space and one that is tricky to define. She sees the need that leaders in this field have for resources and development that is strictly for them.

Kila discusses some of the challenges these leaders face with Rod on the podcast. They range from funding to branding to marketing to finding talent. SEA organizes an annual event called Summit '17. The event is for all to realize social enterprise's promise, to create opportunity, build community, and explore innovation across the sector. Our co-host Rod Arnold will be a speaker at the event this year in September! 

Rod and Kila discuss the event more in depth on the podcast, including why you should go! Check out the rest of the podcast for more details on Summit '17 as well as more valuable insight from Kila!


With each new episode of the Leading Good podcast, Rod and Hugh will offer their thoughts on some of the key takeaways from the conversation. Episode 26 features Kila Englebrook, the President and CEO of Social Enterprise Alliance.

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Written by The Leading Good Team

Rod Arnold is CEO of The Frontier Agency. You can learn more about Rod and his work at RodArnold.com. Hugh Weber is CEO of The Institute of Possibility and curator of The Potluck Society. You can learn more about Hugh and his work at HughWeber.com.

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