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Leading Good is a platform with one simple purpose: To inspire and equip leaders of nonprofits, social enterprises, and social impact brands with insights and expert advice - for greater Good.

Latest Episodes & Insights

Leading Good and Social Enterprise Alliance

This week on the Leading Good podcast, Rod speaks with Kila Englebrook, the President and CEO of Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA). SEA is the national membership organization and key catalyst for the rapidly growing social enterprise movement in the United States. Kila and Rod discuss what that exciting movement looks like, what social enterprise actually means, and about the power of networking and community in this type of work.

Create Powerful Content to Grow Your Nonprofit

On this week’s Leading Good podcast, Hugh Weber and I talk about digital marketing, social media, and technology in the social impact space. Most nonprofits are not leveraging enough of the digital and tech opportunities available to them right now. There’s a large chasm between the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

Leading Good with The Boys Institute

This week on the podcast, Hugh talks with Marshall Pollard, the Director of The Boys Institute, about who they are, what they do, and why they do it. Officially launched in July of 2016, The Boys Institute is "creating the model for a liberating childhood for boys of color" and we are incredibly inspired by their work. Check it out.

Podcasts & Videos

Through the Leading Good Podcast, Hugh and Rod bring their well-tested expertise to insightful and inspiring conversations with leading voices of Good. 

Leaders' Forum

Join other leaders for Good as we work through shared challenges, spark innovation, and support each other on the day-to-day of Leading Good.

Expert Advice

Rod and Hugh continue to support leaders as they build organizations, develop brands, raise funds and develop public speaking and storytelling abilities.

For Over 20 Years

For over twenty years, Rod Arnold and Hugh Weber have been called upon to provide advice and strategy at the highest levels of leadership for nonprofits, businesses, and government. Under Rod’s leadership as COO, charity: water emerged as a premier cause brand and digital marketing leader, innovating in the use of social media and peer-to-peer fundraising. Leveraging cutting-edge data techniques, network theory, and low-cost community organizing strategies, Hugh built a multi-million dollar nonprofit to connect the creative class of Rural America. Rod and Hugh have also been fortunate to work with global brands like Paramount Pictures, Compassion International, Ford, and the World Economic Forum as clients and collaborators. Regardless of the project, they have always had a simple purpose: to empower leaders to maximize their impact and do more Good.

Through their work, Rod and Hugh have developed a world class network of social good leaders and expertise on how to transform organizations from mission to movement. But, until now, they have been limited to one-on-one client relationships and "sage on the stage" presentations at conferences.



In 2017

Rod and Hugh are proud to launch Leading Good, a joint endeavor committed to extending and deepening their work to reach as many leaders in social enterprises as possible. Leading Good seeks to both inspire leaders and equip them with strategic and practical insights specific for leaders of Good. So whether you’re focused on growing a nonprofit organization, building a social enterprise, or marketing a purpose-driven brand, this is for you.

Welcome to Leading Good.


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